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The market-leading NC951 Disabled Persons Toilet Alarm kit includes everything required for a BS8300 clause compliant emergency assistance alarm (except cables and fixings).

Disabled Persons Toilet AlarmAttractively designed, easy to install and simple to use, it allows a distressed person to raise an alarm in the event of an emergency. To operate, the user simply pulls the cord of a ceiling pull unit to activate a light and sounder outside the WC.

Tried, trusted and respected by users and installers alike, the NC951 can help building managers and service providers comply with the requirements of BS8300, the Disability Discrimination Act, the Care Standards Act and the English Tourism Council's National Accessibility Scheme.

The NC951 is also ideal for use as a single zone emergency assistance alarm in changing rooms, solariums, interview rooms and reception areas.

NC951 Standard Disabled Persons Toilet Alarm Kit comprises:

  • Disabled Persons Toilet AlarmAn NC942B Call Controller c/w onboard 12V PSU, a volume adjustable buzzer, a zonal alarm LED (to provide audible and visual indication of a call), a mute/reset button (for silencing or cancelling calls) and a volt-free relay with normally open, closed and common contacts rated at 30Vd.c. @ 1A. It also includes a 500mA battery back up facility that will continue to power the system for up to 24 hours standby and 15 minutes (alarm running time) in the event of mains failure. The controller’s label also includes Braille text for the benefit of visually impaired members of staff.
  • Disabled Persons Toilet AlarmAn NC809DBB Remote Reset Point c/w Sounder. Designed for use alongside the WC, the NC809DBB allows calls generated by the ceiling pull to be cancelled at source, i.e. inside the WC. It also features an on-board reassurance LED and sounder (to provide audible and visual indication of an alarm call inside the WC and to help reassure users that help is on its way). Like the call controller, the reset point’s label includes Braille text for ease of use by the visually impaired.
  • Disabled Persons Toilet AlarmAn NC807C Ceiling Pull incorporating a red confidence indicator (to reassure the user that a call has been made), a 3m cord and two red triangular pull bangles, specially designed for ease of use by the infirm. Note, for applications requiring more than one point of call (for example at the WC and the wash basin), up to three ceiling pulls can be daisychained together.
  • Disabled Persons Toilet AlarmAn NC806CS Overdoor Light c/w Sounder. Used to provide additional audible and visual indication of an alarm call outside the WC, the NC806CS features a series of ultra-bright LEDs in a triangular shaped diffuser making it highly visible from a distance. Usually located directly outside the WC above the door.
  • Disabled Persons Toilet AlarmAn NC949 Disabled WC Sticker, gloss finished in permanent vinyl featuring the universally recognisable Disabled WC symbol.

  • Easy to follow system design, installation and user instructions.

Other disabled persons toilet alarm kits available from Nurse Alert include:

Disabled Persons Toilet AlarmThe picture shows the NC951/SS Stainless Steel Disabled Persons Toilet Alarm Kit

Our stainless steel disabled persons toilet alarm kit (the NC951/SS) comprises a plastic NC807C ceiling pull and a range of high quality brushed stainless steel wall-mounting accessories, making it ideal for use in all kinds of prestigious applications. It works slightly differently to our plastic NC951 range so please click here to download our NC951/SS datasheet.

NC951 Disabled Persons Toilet Alarm Kit : Example Wiring Details

Disabled Persons Toilet Alarm

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